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Sports Fishing Hooks - Jig Hooks - Worm Hooks - Sea Hooks - Treble & Double Hooks - Premium Collection

At Greenwave Fishing Tackle, we strive to achieve the highest quality, with meticulous controls from the selection of raw materials, processing and packaging, keeping in mind cost effectiveness always.

On that note, we are proud to present our range of hooks,carefully selected for each application and segment:




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Commercial fishing hooks

Our commercial fishing hooks are treated to withstand the environmental conditions as well as the process, load and force stress. Our special rust resistance coatings are available to suit the different needs.

Commercial fishing hooks are available in traditional Tin finish and our Rust Buster and Super Tin finishes.

Snelled Hooks


We supply ready-to-use tied hooks. Our tough commercial fishing hooks are matched with good quality lines and strong knots.

Snelled hooks are customized to your requirements. A selection of monofilament and multifilament lines, twines and wires are available and our tying operation is ready to handle and replicate any knot.

Lure hook

We count on a range of hooks specially selected for hard and soft lures, game flies, carp rigs and sabiki’s.

In addition, wide selections of sports fishing specialist hooks are available in all finishes.

Hooks can be supplied in bulk or OEM packaged at your convenience.

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