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With more than 80 years of fishing hook making experience and market intelligence, Greenwave is now introducing this well researched range of premium hooks to cater to anglers of different fishing segments.

This good representative of wide spectrum of hooks has been specifically identified and selected. They formed the cornerstone of this new program and is targeted to suit various types of fishing methods, conditions and situations. 

The emphasis of this range is on the quality and the unique and special features found only on the best  hooks in the world. The emphasis is on satisfying the stringent requirements and expectations of every demanding angler.


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Interactive 3D hook

Fish Hook - Rust Buster (Anodized Light
Aerodynamic point.png


Of all the functions of a fishing hook, the hook point is recognized and termed by anglers as top most critical function. This is because hook pint is the last point on the entire fishing tackle system where it engages with the fish. It is with this belief in mind, GW has introduced this bespoke hook point that is uniquely shaped to minimize friction and resistance, for fast and instantaneous penetration; it stays sharper and stronger by 10 - 15% than any traditional standard hook.

Forged Point.png


This special cold forged point is the showcase of achieving the optimum ratio for sharpness and strength. The streamlined and extended point length configuration give the extra push for a speedier penetration yet preserving its holding strength - without the worry of point/tip being rolled over.

Serrated body 2.png


This special cold forged serration body transforms the material grain flows into a desirable pattern to serve two important enhancements. One is to increase the hook strength by 10 - 15% and the other is to keep the bait/lure in place for much longer than usual.

Antislip 2.png


This special cold forged straight knurl is strategically formed and well spaced in respects to various types of mono materials and diameters; it allows a tighter and stronger mono grip to prevent slip.


This automobile-industry plating technology has enhanced the smoothness and shininess of the hook. the eye catching and exotic color pigments and coating chemicals are specifically formulated to achieve the exquisite and aesthetic appearance for the ever demanding anglers. Its luster will stay longer, but most importantly its hook point remains "uncoated" so no additional coating material thickness is added to the point thus preserving the sharpness.

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forged point

SERRATED BODY/ anti-slip


Fish Hook - Serrated Body + Anit-slip Sp
Fish Hook - Yellow.ipt.png
Fish Hook - Aerodynamic Point.ipt.png
Fish Hook - Forged Point.ipt.png
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