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Our company


Greenwave Fishing Tackle, established in 1937, is one of the oldest fishing tackle manufacturers in China.


In 2002 the company started a process upgrading our technology to automated hook making machines, needle point technology and advanced plating and finishing, positioning us as one of the high quality fish hook manufacturers and among the best in China.


To achieve the quality of the hooks, we control all the major steps, from selection of the material, cutting, shaping, tempering, plating and packaging. Our dedicated QC team ensures that sharpness, strength and corrosion resistance are always in compliance.


The company is based in Mashan district, Wuxi. Around 1-2 hours from Shanghai it is well paced for exporting from Shanghai, close to the major infrastructure highways for transporting goods domestically, and easily accessible for customer visits.



Our competencies


Material choice: we use a special steel alloy, slow drawn to avoid microfractures. This material has been selected after intensive tests and experimentation.  Being an ongoing improvement and innovation process, we still continue working closely with our suppliers.


Needle point technology: for sharper and stronger points


Intelligent Thermal Technology (ITT): Specialized hardening and tempering process.


Special Coatings: developed in-house: Rust Buster (RB), Super Tin (ST) and Slik Set (SK).


Our facilities

Manufacturing Plant

  • Mashan, Wuxi, China

Support Center

  • Shanghai, China


International sales offices

  • Prague, Czech Republic

  • Singapore

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